Rockhampton's Heart Health Session was a Success

Our Rockhampton branch has opened the doors to members, their guests and some members of the business community to participate in an informative health session.

The session, facilitated by our Regional Manager Sarah Aldous, featured representatives from the Heart Foundation and the Defibshop’s Carpet Hughes.

The focus of the session was the heart.

Sarah was pleased to welcome guests to the Care Centre on Thursday 9 March to discuss how we aim to help members not only with their health, but the health of the community.

Carpet and Sarah had the privilege of presenting a free Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to representatives of St Mary’s School, the winners of our Here for Hearts Programme.

Following the presentation, Carpet spoke on the benefits of having AEDs in schools or at community events.

We are proud of their ongoing partnership with the Defibshop and the Here for Hearts Programme, which aims to assist with AED purchases for schools across our Care Centre areas locations throughout NSW and Queensland.

We were very happy to be able to present St Mary’s Primary School with their free defibrillator and hope that our Here for Hearts Programme will continue to assist schools and community groups have better access to AEDs throughout the region.

Sarah Aldous, Regional Manager

Carpet also demonstrated how to use the device to his curious audience.

Some even had the opportunity to try using the AED which was a very useful experience.

Also giving a presentation at the health session was Darryl Halliday from the Heart Foundation.

Darryl was a very informative speaker who was well received by his audience.

“Our first health session for the year was a great success,” said Sarah.

“We received very good feedback from some of our attendees regarding the information that was presented by Darryl from the Heart Foundation and Carpet, managing director of the Defibshop.

“We hope to be able to provide a number of these health sessions during the year to assist with the health and wellbeing of our great region,” she said.

“Overall, attendees thought it was great and are very keen on coming to our next health session,” she said.

Sarah is planning a health session for the entire Rockhampton community in April.