Remember to look after your
vision this JulEye

Health is a topic that is regularly top-of-mind – as it should be – with countless media articles, television shows and videos devoted to it.

One aspect of our health that may not get the care and attention that it needs, however, is our vision.

Eye health is something that many of us take for granted, and we often do not think to have it checked unless we suspect something is wrong.

JulEYE is the annual national eye health awareness month. It is the perfect time to make time for a regular eye test and make your vision the focus.

Approximately 90% of blindness and vision impairment in all Australians is preventable or treatable if detected early.

Like any other aspect of your health, regular screening is the key to preventing, treating and identifying any issues with your eyes.

Despite this, 28% of Australians do not get their eyes tested regularly (every two years) – and of these, 6% have never had an eye test.

Don’t forget about your vision – make an appointment for a check-up with your optometrist today.

Data sourced from Vision 2020 Australia facts sheets – Oct 2013 and Oct 2016.