Life Saving Skills Delivered at our Emerald Health Sessions.

Life saving skills were on the agenda at a free community health session held by us at CQ University, Emerald on Friday 10 March at 6pm.

A first aid session was also held at the campus earlier in the day.
Guests at the well-attended evening session had the privilege of learning from the Defibshop’s Carpet Hughes.

Carpet has over 23 years experience delivering and teaching pre-and-out-of hospital care to the community, paramedics, intensive care paramedics, students and allied health professionals.

The health session covered a range of topics, including the important role of CPR and Defibrillation – particularly the importance of using the defibrillator as quickly as possible.

Busy on the barbecue were members of Rotary, who were also very impressed with both the quality and quantity of information offered by Mr Hughes.

“We were thrilled with the positive feedback we received about this community health session,” said our Regional Manager Erica Fredericksen.

“Our visitors really appreciated the information presented by Mr Hughes and have taken away some practical knowledge which may one day save a life,” she said.

Carpet thoroughly enjoyed his visit to Emerald and plans to visit again to share his knowledge and expertise with the community.