A tribute to the resilient

They are resilient. They are strong. They are our farmers.

Westfund CEO, Matt Banning, recently took to the road to visit members from the Narromine area to see for himself the challenges faced by farming communities during this period of ongoing drought.

Matt took the opportunity to hear about their experiences at the hands of the Mother Nature throughout the ongoing drought conditions.

What stood out from these conversations was a sense of community – of belonging, support and resilient developed and fostered by farming communities across the Australian landscape.

The importance of these members’ stories gave rise to the creation of a trio of short video pieces to promote and to highlight the importance of these members and their communities.

“Each of our members have their own story, their own challenges. We can’t make it rain, but we can play our part in getting their stories heard and giving them a voice.” Matt, CEO Westfund

“It’s important not only to Westfund, but for me personally, that these stories are shared and that although the media coverage around the drought has decreased in some instances, the challenges faced by our farmers are still present,” he said.

The first video in our series features members Nano and Richard Moody on their property near Narromine.